Entrepreneur friendly and modern financial management!

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Entrepreneur friendly and modern financial management!

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Service oriented financial management

Who can better help an enterpreneur if not an another enterpreneur? Whether your aim is to develop financial management, to grow, invest or to start new projects, we are there to support you and offer our services according to your schedules.

The foundation of our services is many years' experience and a sincere will to see our clients flourish. In our company there is also a person with a KLT-accountant degree. We take care of your financial management, so that you can concentrate on developing your business.

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We have developed the E-Sujuva -electronic financial management service.

It covers all the key functions regarding the financial management of your business in such way that all the documents are transmitted electronically and your financial management is alwaysup to date. Take a step toward the future and move your company's financial management in the internet.

The setup of the service is very smooth.

An important additional service that E-Sujuva offers is the analysed code number report and, when necessary, going through it when planning for the future.

Our services are entrepreneur friendly

Our financial management services

tietokoneen näyttö -kuvake

Electronic financial management

The electronic financial management is a paper-free way to handle your company's financial tasks wherever, whenever you want.

kaksi asiapaperia -kuvake

Traditional accounting company services

We also offer traditional accounting company services.

asiapapereita ja suurennuslasi


We offer fully confidential auditing services professionally.

stilisoitu henkilö-kuvake

Business consulting

You don't need to start your business alone. Our business consulting services are there for you from the very first steps.

What is a KLT-accountat degree?

KLT stands for the degree in accounting and calculation and it is a highly valued expert level fegree and a sign of great professional skill. in our company we have a manager who holds the KLT-accountat degree.

You can read more about the KLT-accountant degree on the website of Taloushallintoliitto (Financial Management Association of Finland)