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Our foundation is experience of several years and solid professional skills - our tools are the modern innovations

We offer trustworthy services to our clients in Kemijärvi, Oulu, Lapland and everywhere in Finland. We have solid professional skills and competence which enables us to assist companies, corporations and foundations of any size. There is also a manager with the KLT-accountant degree in our company, so you can be sure that your financial management is in secure hands.

We never rest on our laurels but we continue pur development, so that we can offer our clients the best services possible. We have integrated new electronic financial management system as a solid part of our range of services. Infact, the core of our services is the seamless combination of traditional financial management and modern technology.

We customize our services to fit you

We offer versatile financial management and consulting services statring from the clients needs.

We take care of transition to electronic systems and outsourcing of different aspects of financial management, auditing, consulting for starting and developing new businesses, as well as other needs you might have concerning financial management and business planning.  
We also offer traditional accounting company services to clients, who haven't move their business management in the web.
We know that every business is different and mapping out our client's needs stands at the core of our financial management services.

Contact us and let's find out what kind of services would be the most suitable for you.