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A web-based and paper-free way to take care of your company's financial matters

Taloushallinto Wiik offers electronic financial management services to clients in Kemijärvi, Rovaniemi, Lapland and everywhere else in Finland. Our electronic financial management is a modern, environmentally friendly and fast way to take care of your financial matters. 

In short, the biggest advantages of electronic financial management are the efficiency of time management and everything happening real-time. Take a look at our e-sujuva electronic service package, where different fields of financial management are seamlessly combined.

Outsource your payroll administration to us

You can easily outsource your payroll administration entirely to us. We take care of calculation of salaries and payments, as well as letters of references, salary certificates and other payroll administration routines, reliably and with competence.

Our payroll administration expertise is based on profound knowledge of collective labour agreements of various fields and familiarity with laws regulating employment relationships. Our competence brought by several years of experience is at your service.

All legal declarations regarding payroll administration are part of the service, automatically and reliably.


The electronic purhcase invoices arrive directly into our system and then to you for approval. By one click of the mouse you can take care of approving the invoice and the entire payment process - easily and reliably.


By Web invoice you can send invoices as web invoices, by email or in paper version. The sales invoices are registered in the accounting real-time without any additional treatment and unnecessary expenses, 


Besides the receipts, the agreements, proceedings and other important documents are electronically archived in the system. Our archiving services ensure that you can concentrate on your business and you don't need to worry about data conservation - you can say goodbye to all those heavy paper folders so difficult to browse.


You can also outsource your payroll administration entirely to us via web. Your employees can insert their work time data directly in the electronic system. The salary calculations will be available in the employee's web bank service and the payment of the salary will be automatic.


In e-sujuva your accounting is always up to date. You can control your sales reports, purchase invoices or accounting reports wherever and whenever you want.


Take a picture of a receipt and send it to the accountant using the appropriate system. Together we will choose the best way for you to deliver the receipts.


We can import the bak statements into our system directly from the bank.

An expert with the KLT-accountant degree at your service

In our company, there is a manager with the KLT-accountant degree.

KLT is a highly valued expert level degree and a sign of great professional skill. This way we can guarantee that u electronic financial management is always of top quality.

 You can read more about the KLT-accountatn degree on the website of Taloushallintoliitto (Financial Management Association of Finland).

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