Fully confidential and competent auditing services

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We offer auditing and operations inspection services to companies, associations and foundations. We deliver auditing services in collaboration with our reliable partners. In our services we combine several years of expertise and experience and modern, electronic auditing services.

Web-based systems allow working whenever and anywhere, so we can offer reliable services to clients everywhere in Finland. We are also happy to offer our services in person to our clients in Lapland and Oulu.

Responsible auditing supports your success

We understand that in auditing, reliability is of fundamental importance, and we are always responsibly available for our clients.

Modern technology to make auditing more efficient

In auditing, we use modern computer technologies, which make the entire auditing process more efficient.

The foundation of our services is constant additional education and a profound knowledge of auditing and bookkeeping through experience.

The core of our services is the relationship with the client

In auditing, we cherish good communication with our clients and we apply a consulting approach.

Our goal is to support the financial development of the companies and achieving strategic goals by ensuring that business transactions are registered correctly and that the image of company's development corresponds to reality.

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