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We also offer traditional accounting company services

Besides our electronic financial management services, we also offer paper-based accounting services to our clients, who prefer more traditional methods.

Our accounting services are always client centered and they aim to support all the aspects of your company's financial management. You can safely trust all your paperwork into our hands. We have several years of experience in offering accounting services to clients of all kinds and we can guarantee the accuracy of the final result.

As we mentioned before, all the aspects of financial management and payroll administration can now be handled electronically as well. If the transition to the paper-free management sounds tempting, you can take a closer look at electronic financial management here.

We offer all the accounting services that your business requires


We take care of the everyday bookkeeping, as well as ledgers and VAT and income tax declarations - always reliably and with precision.

Payroll administration

We deliver payroll administration services, including salary calculations and payroll administration declarations. Our competence is based on the profound knowledge of law regulating employment relationships and collective labour agreements of various fields.


We offer invoicing services according to our clients' wishes either through our electronic system or on paper.

Tax consulting

Our tax consulting service helps you with all the matters concerning taxation - with several years of experience we can solve even the trickiest issues when it comes to taxation laws.

Our efficient accounting company services support your business

Our client friendly and competent accounting company service can offer you many advantages. In addition financial management, we can support your company's development by offering practical advice and, for example, by solving issues regarding taxation. This way our service can help you save time and money.

Get in touch, so that we can decide together, what kind of accounting company services your business could benefit from.