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Our business consulting services are there for you from the very first steps of your business.

Sole trade, joint-stock company or maybe a coop? Where do I get the funding? What do I have to include in the business plan? There are many questions and things to consider when it comes to starting a new business. But you don't need to solve everything alone - our business consulting offers help to those who are starting or planning to start a new business.

We help you to choose the right company form and to make a business plan, and we offer advice in all the issues concerning subsidies.

We also assist you in the turning points of your business

Fusion, change of generation, change of company form, transition to electronic financial management, company acquisition negotiations, finding suitable partners; whatever your business is dealing with, we want to discuss it with you and offer our expertise.

we know that starting a new business and different turning points can be challenging, but at the same time very rewarding. Are you afraid of learning through errors? Using the means of strategic planning we can help you to avoid the pitfalls of enterpreneurship and to confidently proceed toward a profitable business.

Our aim is to help you succeed

Our business consulting always starts from the client by surveying your needs, wishes and questions. We work closely with you and offer a service customized and personal service, just the way you need it.

From the initial survey we proceed gradually to consider the right matters and to find clever solutions. Our sincere aim is to always see our clients succeed on the path they have chosen.

Contact us, so that we can customize the business solution most profitable to you.